Women's Grading and Racing - SA
South Australia

Women's Grading and Racing - SA

Women's Racing in South Australia

Cycling South Australia is committed to equal opportunity for all. To aid us in this ambition, in 2017 CSA re-established our women's commission - to ensure that we are making correct policy choices and driving positive change within the sport.

One of their first items was to create a best practice guide for women's racing in SA. Although somewhat of an interim measure - it aims to build a foundation for the sport which we can build true equality from.

Included in this document is the guide to mixed gender handicapping.

Womens Racing Best Practice and Mixed Gender Grading

The members of the CSA women's commission are:

Rachel Goud, Susan Mitchell, Joanne Easson, Madeleine Steele, Gemma Kernich, Michelle Devine, Nat Redmond, Jenny MacPherson, Heather May, Heather Barclay

If you have any suggestions or feedback on ways to improve women's racing in SA, please don't hesitate to get in contact with members of the commission, either directly or through the CSA office (sa.info@cycling.org.au).

The terms of reference for the Women's Commission can be found here