Junior Cycling Information

Junior Cycling Information

This page has been created to share some handy information for junior cyclists and their parents.

What Age Group am I?

Y.O.B. Membership Category Age 2020
2009 Junior U/13 Boys/Girls 11
2008 Junior U/13 Boys/Girls 12
2007 Junior U/15 Men/Women. 13
2006 Junior U/15 Men/Women. 14
2005 Junior U/17 Men/Women 15
2004 Junior U/17 Men/Women 16
2003 Junior U/19 Men/Women 17
2002 Junior U/19 Men/Women 18

*Please note - Juniors 'go up' to the next age group from 1 October each year - Eg. an u17 born in 2003 will race as an u17 in 2019 but will go up to u19 from 1 Oct 2019*

Cycling Australia's Technical Regulations specific to Juniors


3.6.01 Gearing - rollout distances

For all junior categories, male and female, the following maximum roll out distances shall apply for Road Events & Track Events

  1. Junior U19 7.93 metres *
  2. Junior U17 7.0 metres
  3. Junior U15 6.0 metres
  4. Junior U13 5.5 metres
  5. Junior U11 5.5 metres

*When competing in junior only events

3.6.02 If, for whatever reason, a junior rider has been granted approval to compete in a higher age division event, the maximum roll out distance applicable to the rider’s age division must be maintained, except U19.

3.6.03 To restrict the roll out distance mentioned above, blocking off may be permitted by the adjustment of the derailleur or other means. There shall be no blocking off of gears allowed at U15, U17 or U19 Road National Championships.

3.6.04 For all junior categories up to and including JM17 – JW17 the following equipment restrictions will also apply for road and track competitions.

  1. Handlebars shall be of a standard or “Classic” style. However bolt on handlebar extensions shall be allowed for JM15, JW15, JM17, and JW17 in the individual pursuit, team pursuit, and road and track time trials only.
    No modification to the extension shall be allowed. Gear and brake mechanisms must not be placed on the extensions.
  2. For all events, wheels must have at least 16 spokes. The rim shall exclude the use of composite fibres.
  3. Only high-pressure detachable tyres and tubes shall be used. A detachable type tube means the tube is detachable from the tyre casing.
    Such high-pressure tyres shall be beaded.

Suggested Junior Gearing

The 'roll out' distance is the distance travelled by the bicycle with one revolution of the crank, irrespective of the sizes of the chainring, sprocket, and wheels. This is the method employed by Commissaires at events. The Commissaire will shift your bike into the largest gear available, the biggest chainring on the front and the smallest gear on the back. The suggested combinations are usually very close for the rollout with normal 700 wheels x 23 mm tyres, but can vary with tyre sizes and pressure. There are various other configurations by which the gearing for these rollouts can also be achieved.

Gearing Rollout Calculator