Junior Racing Update

Junior Racing Update


The Technical Commission would like to advise junior members and parents of the following information:

All Junior riders will 'go up' to the next age group category on the 1st October 2020 for both road and track.

Click here to watch a video about junior gear restrictions and rolling out distances.

Criterium Championships - 2020 specific

Junior riders will be allowed to compete in the criterium championships on 7th November in their pre 1st October age category and contest titles for the age category they were in prior to 'going up' on 1st October.

Oatlands Classic

The Oatlands Classic will be held on 3rd October, which is the first race for junior riders in their new age category.   The Under 17 age category is eligible to race in the open graded race with the senior divisions. 

However, we welcome the under 17 junior riders who would prefer to compete in a handicap race over a shorter distance.  If you would prefer to continue racing in the junior grades, once you have registered via EntryBoss please contact the Junior Race Director Sally Stretton to notify her that you would like to compete in the junior race.

Sally Stretton Ph: 0419 117 989 or email sally.stretton@live.com.au