Cycling Australia

Midson Roubaix results


The Northern Districts Cycling Club again hosted another edition of their iconic Midson Roubaix.

The handicapper gave the sole E Grader a 28 minute gap over the quality scratch bunch including Rio Olympian Scott Bowden. The C grade bunch combined early with the D Graders and later by the B Graders who then chased down the front markers to catch them with under a lap to race. The A Graders could see the front of the race in the distance but it was to no avail with youngster Riley Cowling taking home the 'rock' and winning C Grade. Newcomer Matty Byrne was first over the line but due to being well on the wrong side of the road Commissaires were left with only one choice available and that was to disqualify him. Anya Louw won the Ladies 'rock' and Michael Astell won the bunch kick to win A Grade and take fastest time.

  • Outright - Riley Cowling, Paul McKenzie, James Goodsell, Micheal Wilson, Hamish Mckenzie.
  • A Grade - Michael Astell, Andrew Margison, Scott Bowden
  • B Grade - Paul Mckenzie, Justin Warren, Ben Iles
  • C Grade - Riley Cowling, Michael Wilson, Hamish Mckenzie
  • D Grade - James Goodsell, Paul Stretton, Liam Brown
  • E Grade - Campbell Palmer, Suzanne Strates, Stephen Watchorn.
  • Ladies rock - Anya Louw, Suzanne Strates.