Risk Management Documents for Road Races

Risk Management Documents for Road Races

Cycling Australia through their National Risk Management Project have provided the following documents to assist clubs in conducting safe road races. These documents have been slightly tailored to Tasmanian conditions.

National Risk Register

The National Risk Register is a documentation of the risks associated with all levels of events, their severity and the treatment actions to be taken. The Risk Register is a valuable resource for ensuring that risk treatment strategies and plans are incorporated into event management practices. It can be utilized by event organisers as an event planning checklist and as a guide to developing event specific Risk Management Plans. It is a reference for administrators and officials when reviewing event policies and procedures. The Risk Register will require a process of continual review and updating in response to new issues that are identified or may arise.

Sanctioning Requirements

Part of the sanctioning process requires all event organizers to follow the Risk Management Documents below.

In order to receive the event sanction all clubs must follow the Risk Management Sanctioning Criteria for the level of their event.

This information does not cover every situation and should be used as guide only.

All 'new' officials should be given a copy of this information prior to them being allocated an official duty at road races.