Tasmanian clubs vote No to AusCycling

Tasmanian clubs vote No to AusCycling


At the Cycling Tasmania Board Meeting on 23 October it was moved that a vote will be sought on the current AusCycling proposal from all member clubs.

The Question was discussed and it was unanimous that if a 75% Yes vote is returned, the board will call a SCM to vote on the resolution as formulated by AusCycling to wind up Cycling Tasmania.

It should be noted that under the Cycling Tasmania constitution wind up may only be effected by a vote of 75% majority of votes cast by delegates at a meeting of state council.

 “Delegate” means an Individual Member appointed from time to time by a Member Club to represent that Club at the Annual General Meeting of the Federation or at the State Council.

The only members of the Federation entitled to vote at the annual general meeting of the Federation or at the State Council are:

(a)Member Clubs; and

(b)Individual Members who then hold office as a member of the Board

All clubs were notified of the vote and provided with links to the available information on the proposal via email on the 29th of October. There was a meeting of state council on the 12th of November where all clubs were invited to attend and ask questions if they wished, the vote closed on the 16th November.

The compulsory question put to all member clubs is tabled below -


As a member club of Cycling Tasmania do you agree to the proposal known as AusCycling (unitary Model of Sports Governance) - Answering Yes, would mean the following -

  •  - All assets of the Tasmanian Cycling Federation Incorporated would be transferred to a new company limited by guarantee to be registered as "AusCycling Limited"
  •  - The voluntary deregistration of Cycling Australia Ltd
  •  - Cease the operations and cancel the incorporation of Tasmanian Cycling Federation Incorporated under section 34A of the Associations Incorporation Act 1964 (Tas).

In summary Cycling Tasmania will be wound up and cease to exist.

Yes                                   or                                No

Signed by authorised representative of each member club.  Club Name ……………………………..

Name                                                    Position Held                                     Signature

…………………………………………..        .........................               .......                       ……………………………………



There are currently fourteen financial clubs in Tasmania and we are pleased to advise that all member clubs considered the question above and returned a vote.

The votes have been independently counted and scrutinised by Mr Alex Dustan OAM – Life Member of Cycling Australia & Cycling Tasmania.

The final vote of member clubs returned was;

Yes – In favour of the current AusCycling proposal - FIVE (36%)

No – Against the current AusCycling proposal - NINE (64%)

Cycling Tasmania will now advise the AusCycling Steering Committee that based upon the vote of member clubs, Tasmania cannot support AusCycling in its current form.

Cycling Tasmania will continue to work with the AusCycling Steering Committee to negotiate a compromise position that may be accepted by all member clubs.

It should be noted that the current Cycling Tasmania Board fully support the concept of AusCycling, One NSO & One Licence. The model of delivery is the only area of concern that requires negotiation.