Top Tips for riding with the family!

Top Tips for riding with the family!


Arguably one of the best pleasures in life is a social ride with your family. A bit of planning can help make your ride more enjoyable. 

To help, we’ve put together a quick guide, to help you get the most out of your ride with the fam. 

Check their gear before getting started

With bikes being pulled out from behind sheds, and the cobwebs being blown off, be sure to give everyone’s bike a quick once over before you set out on your adventure. Make sure the brakes are working, the tyres hold air, and that the chain is running smoothly. A little bit of TLC at this stage, goes a long way when out on your ride. 

Be sure to also check that your bell is working, seat height is comfortable and everyone's helmets fits properly also before you set off. 

Plan your route

Riding with kids isn’t the same as meeting up with the Tuesday bunchie for a quick 60km before work. Think about your families experience, strength and stamina when considering your rout. It is also vital to find the safest way to get you and your family from A-B. 

It’s important to consider things such as when you arrive at roads to cross, looking out for reversing cars from driveways, and that the most direct route, might not be the safest for the little ones. 

A good way to start is by heading to your local park or shared bike path. Try and pick a low traffic area so you don’t have to mix with cars. 

Shared bike paths

One of the great things about riding in so many suburban and built up areas is that there’s a access to shared bike paths. It’s important to remember that these are shared and built for riders, walkers and joggers, so there’s a lot of people moving at different speeds, all with varying degrees of concentration to their surroundings. 

It’s important to be respectful of all users of a path and be  extra careful of others. Be sure to communicate any hazards, ring your bell nice and early if you plan on overtaking, and be mindful that many people have headphones in and can’t always hear you. If in doubt, approach with caution and take your time. Always move with the flow of the traffic and be sure to keep left. 

Stay close together

It can be easy for families to strung out over a hundred metres along a path or a bike trail. By keeping everyone together it will help with the safety of both riders and other users of the path. 

Keep to the footpaths (if you can)

Many states & territories allow kids under 12 and parents to ride together on footpaths. This is a simple and effective way to keep kids out of trouble and out of traffic. Just be mindful around driveaways for reversing cars. 

Pack the snacks & sunscreen

Be sure to keep the kids watered and fed on the ride. If you BYO water and snacks, it means no need to stop off at the cafe. 

It is also important to remember to pop on the sunnies and sunscreen when riding outside even on an overcast day in winter can lead to sunburn,  don’t forget to reapply. 

Keep it fun!

Nothing beats the simple pleasure of riding a bike and how you treat riding now is how your kids will grow up treating it. Keep it fun, light-hearted and easy-going. There’s no need to break a sweat if it means a breakdown. 

The best tip for riding a bike with the family is to make it fun and make it a habit so that everyone can benefit from being active on a bike.

Make sure you’re insured for your ride

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