Life Members

Life Members

Life Members

The Victorian Amateur Cyclist’s Union (VACU) was formed in May 1917 to promote the interests of amateur cyclists in Victoria. The name of the organisation was changed to the Victorian Cycling Federation (VCF) in 1986. In 1893 the League of Victorian Wheelman (LVW) was formed to promote the interests of professional cyclists. Three years later in 1896 the LVW become the controlling body for professional cycling in Victoria.

In 1992, an amalgamation of the two bodies was created to jointly control and promotes the sport of competitive cycling. In the late 1990s, Victorian Cycling Incorporated began trading as CycleSport Victoria, until 2011, when the name Cycling Victoria was adopted.

The following is a list of members of the two former bodies and the new body, Cycling Victoria who have had the honour of Life membership bestowed upon them.

Victorian Cycling Federation (former Amateur body)

(Originally: Victorian Amateur Cyclists Union)
#Denotes also a Life Member of Cycling Australia

Cycling Victoria

The League of Victorian Wheelmen (former professional body)

Dates unknown: