The Victorian Cycling Facilities Strategy has been developed to assist Cycling Victoria, Mountain Bike Australia ('MTBA'), BMX Victoria ('BMXV'), our clubs and local government to improve the planning and maintenance of facilities. The strategy is aimed at continuing to support increased participation in cycling, improve relationships between stakeholders and provide larger more sustainable sport at all levels. This strategy articulates the stance Cycling Victoria intends to take with regard to required facilities for road, track, cyclo-cross, mountain bike and BMX cycling from 2016-2021, aiding local governments and decision makers when engaging with cycling.

The key elements of the strategy provide:

  • A needs assessment for cycling facilities across Victoria.
  • A review of the social, environmental and economic benefits of cycling for the state.
  • Classification model and hierarchy of current facilities.
  • Strategic Plan for the development of Victoria’s current cycling facilities over the next decade to capture growth and demand.
  • Recommendations on building metropolitan and regional off-road tracks.
  • The plan makes detailed recommendations are made with consideration to currently successful facilities, Victorian demographic data, alignment with government policy and drawing on the wealth of experience available to from Cycling Victoria, Mountain Bike Australia, BMX Victoria, Sport and Recreation Victoria, Victoria Police and Local Government Authorities.

More details: Victorian Cycling Facilities Strategy