Let's Zwift | Virtual Winter Challenge

Let's Zwift | Virtual Winter Challenge

Ride for personal bests, attempt things you have never thought possible, challenge yourself. Registration is free and open to all current CV members.

11 May - 31 August 2020


Event Guide (pdf)
Challenge Bible

2020 Results (pdf)

Congratulations to all our Overall 2020 Let's Zwift placegetters!


1. Sophie Sutton
2. Milana Freer
3. Lachie Chamberlain
4. Charlotte Lang
5. Ethan Catlin


1. Erin Bertram
2. Elizabeth Hall
3. Josie Simpson
4. Bizzy Butterworth
5. Astrid van Uden


1. Wayne D'Agostini
2. Gavin Wright
3. Courtenay Lee Shoy
4. James Timmer-Arends
5. Michael Leung


1. Team Top Paddock
2. Power Pedlas
3. CV Crushers

We hope to see you all back for the 2021 Let's Zwift edition!


  • Men and Women will compete as individuals and as a team (minimum 2 riders, maximum 5 riders).
  • Individuals complete challenges to accumulate points towards their individual and team ranking. 
  • If you are registered as a team you will score points towards the team’s classification.
  • Two individual leaderboards (Men and Women) and one team leaderboard (Teams)


Juniors (The junior competition is open to interstate riders)

*Strava requires a minimum age of 13 years to sign up.  Please refer to the Strava Terms of Service for further information.  Younger members are welcome to tackle some of the challenges but they cannot be officially included in the event as Strava will be used as one of the main verification tools.


Challenge Types

There are different challenge categories to suit different types of activities: 

  • Distance: Completion of a set distance on any or on a specific course
  • Climbing: Completion of hill climbs or a set elevation
  • Time: Scoring personal bests on specific segments or completion of a set course in a set time
  • Race: Completion and/or ranking in any or a specific Zwift race
  • Team: Simultaneous completion of challenges by a number of team riders
  • Special: Random challenges such as wearing the KOM, Sprint or Lap Leader jersey or posting themed picture of your rides on Instagram


Click here to access the Challenge Bible to view all of the Cycling Victoria Let's Zwift Challenges you can choose from. 


How do the challenges work?

  • The tougher the challenge, the higher the number of points. (Please note: the points allocation is by no means perfect). 
  • “If it’s not on Strava it didn’t happen” – most challenges require a Strava file and all race challenges require a result on Zwiftpower.com
  • Join the Cycling Victoria Let’s Zwift Strava group here
  • Follow Cycling Victoria on Strava here
  • Complete and submit your registration
  • Please read the Event Guide to make sure you submit your challenges correctly
  • All challenges must be named as follows to be included in the competition: Full Name (As shown on CA Membership) – CVZwift/Challenge number e.g. Cadel Evans – CV Zwift/34
  • All challenges must tag @cyclingvictoria in the comments
  • One ride - one challenge – a rider cannot attempt multiple challenges in one ride or in one day
  • While you can do a challenge at any time, there may be special challenges announced on our social media pages, so keep an eye out for those!
  • You know your challenge has been verified if you get a kudos from Cycling Victoria!



Individual monthly and overall leader boards will be calculated for the following three categories:

  1. Male – all male riders J19 and over

  2. Female – all female riders J19 and over

  3. Juniors – male and female riders J17 and younger

The Cycling Victoria Racing Team will aim to update the leader boards here on a weekly basis. Due to limited resources in light of the current COVID-19 situation, slight delays may occur. 



Race Entry Credits will be on offer. 

While it is a challenging time for everyone, we are working with our partners to provide other prizes for our members as the competition goes on. 


Technical Regulations

Please refer to the 2020 Let’s Zwift Event Guide here for more information. 

Please refer to the Cycling Australia E-Racing Technical Regulations here.



Annina Gallagher

Have fun!