Member Update on AusCycling

Member Update on AusCycling


As indicated in an email on 1st September 2020, Cycling Tasmania held an extraordinary general meeting (EGM) on 12th September 2020 to vote on the AusCycling resolutions. The outcome was a unanimous vote in favour of joining AusCycling. Effectively this means that the Cycling Tasmania's “no” vote from 2019 has been changed into a “yes” vote in 2020.

A general meeting of Cycling Australia will be held on 19 September 2020 to vote on the AusCycling concept. Cycling Queensland, Cycling NT, Cycling ACT, Cycling Victoria and Cycling SA all voted in favour of AusCycling at the CA general meeting held in March of this year. This did not constitute the required 75% majority. However, now that Cycling Tasmania has been directed by its members to vote “yes”, it is expected that the requisite majority will be attained on 19 September 2020.

Last week a request for a special general meeting was received from a small group of Member Clubs. The Board has not called the special general meeting as the special resolution to voluntarily cancel the incorporation of the Association passed at the Annual General Meeting in November 2019 is irrevocable and cannot be rescinded. The proposed resolutions would be of no effect and would be invalid. Since Cycling Tasmania's meeting, the Cycling Victoria Board has received a statement in support of AusCycling on behalf of 25 Member Clubs.

At the Cycling Victoria Annual General Meeting held in November 2019, our Member Clubs voted 87.5% in favour of joining AusCycling. This provided the Cycling Victoria Board the mandate to vote into the new entity when the opportunity arose. The Board has been in communications with Cycling Australia, MTBA and BMX Australia whose Chairs have all indicated there has been no material change in the intent, strategy or structure with regard to AusCycling since the CV vote. Accordingly, Cycling Victoria will vote “yes” once again on 19 September.

If the expected majority is attained on 19 September, this will trigger Cycling Australia to join MTBA and BMXA in the formation of AusCycling.

We will continue to be in close contact with updates. If you have any questions about AusCycling, or the process please give me a call or email.

More information about AusCycling, and the voting process can be found here.