School Competition

School Competition


What is the Victorian Interschool Cycling Series (VICS)?

The Victorian Interschool Cycling Series is a school series run by Cycling Victoria and a dedicated group of behind the scenes volunteers split between the winter and summer months. The catalyst for VICS was a meeting between Simon Gerrans, Cycling Victoria and a number of cycling parents where the question was asked: what can be done to assist the recognition of cycling as a safe and accessible school sport?

Our events allow novices, enthusiasts and experienced racers the opportunity to enjoy one of Australia's fastest growing sports. With a mixture of team and individual events on the road and dirt, participants will thrive on interschool rivalry, personal improvement and the thrill of the ride.

Victorian Interschool Cycling Series - Off-Road

The VICS Off-Road Program was set to launch in April 2020, however due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it has been postponed until 2021. 

Victorian Interschool Cycling Series - Summer

Starting in Term four and rolling into Term one, the Summer round of the Victorian Interschool Cycling Series is a series of closed road cycling events featuring Criteriums, Hill Climbs, and Time Trials. VICS gives students the opportunity to improve their cycling skills, learn discipline, commitment and organisation, all while representing their school in the competition.

2020-21 dates and locations will be announced in August 2020, the VICS Summer series will commence in November 2020. 

Teacher Resources

What makes VICS so good for all involved?

  • 100% closed road events. No traffic whatsoever
  • 100% 24/7 racing and training insurance coverage provided through Cycling Australia*
  • Cycling Victoria to provide a detailed Risk Management plan
  • Training provided by Cycling Victoria to interested teachers in order to maximise safety for training groups in preparation for the series (see below 'Become a Coach')
  • Appropriate training venue recommendations will also be made.

* Full policy information provided here.

Become a Coach

Interested teachers can complete the one-day Cycling Victoria Coaching qualification that will equip them with the skills and knowledge necessary to safely conduct training sessions with students. Courses are held regularly, and school-specific sessions can be scheduled pending interest. Please click here to see our online coaching course options during COVID-19. 

VICS Rider Guide (pdf)


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enter?

Entries can either be done through your school cycling coordinator or individually through our VICS Entry Boss page. Links to the page will be updated once the series has been announced.

Can I compete if my school is not involved?

Yes, you may still enter VICS. You can enter yourself and turn up to the event. You will still represent your school, and perhaps inspire your teacher to start a team the following year.

What if I don't have friends or classmates for the team time trial?
You can email and put your name down for a composite team.

Can I use disc brakes in a race?
Yes you can use disc brakes.

Can I ride multiple events?
Yes! You may enter as many events as you like. The only event with qualifying rules is the road state final (see next question).
Please note: Entry places for all state finals may be capped, so please don’t leave it until the last minute.

How do I enter the state final?
Enter as normal on EntryBoss. To be eligible to win the state final, the rider must have competed in at least one of the other rounds of the series in that discipline.

How old do I have to be to compete?
You must be at least 8 years.

Do I have to be a Cycling Victoria member to compete?
You must have a special Victorian Interschools Cycling Membership to compete. 

Does the school pay for my entry or do I pay?
Both are OK – it is up to the teacher and student to decide.

Is there a category for students with a disability?
Yes, the All Abilities category is open to students with an intellectual disability from any school. Please note: specialist equipment, such as modified bikes, will need to be supplied by the participant. For more information, contact Alex Meyland at Cycling Victoria on 8480 3000 or