Toolkit for Attracting and Retaining Women and Girls

Toolkit for Attracting and Retaining Women and Girls


Since 2016, Cycling Victoria has committed to a Board of Directors making up of at least 40% female members. As an organisation, Cycling Victoria strives to achieve a gender-balanced workplace, to show their clubs and members they aim to be leaders in the Gender Equity space. There is a lot of material available for sporting clubs to improve their gender balance and attract more women and girls into cycling.

Gender diversity is an important element in creating a healthy club environment. For clubs to continue to experience growth and achieve diversity, they must have a clear understanding of the importance of creating a culture that attracts and recognises women and girls as being an integral part of the sport. Women and girls have different attitude and motivations towards participation at the different stages of their lives.

While all clubs are unique and have their own management styles and approaches, Cycling Victoria has put together a toolkit, based on successes of clubs and resources from Sport and Recreation Victoria.

This document is aimed to act as a guidance tool for strategies clubs can adopt to help women have a rewarding experience within your club.

Why do women join sporting clubs?

There are a number of motivations behind women and girls joining sporting clubs, one of the strongest being the opportunity to meet and socialise with like-minded people.

For many, the motivation is fitness and fun and a large proportion are also motivated by improvement, learning new skills and setting and achieving personal goals. As they become more involved, some shift into the competitive sphere. However, it is common for women and girls to feel somewhat intimidated and many don’t have the confidence to approach a club in the first instance.

Therefore, the key challenges for clubs are to demonstrate a friendly and inclusive environment and better communicate the benefits of joining a club to women and girls. While there is no one-size-fits-all solution and achieving gender equity with your sporting club will take time and work, this toolkit will assist you and your club to attract more women and girls.

Attracting Women and Girls, what do you need?

  1. An up to date, user-friendly website
  2. A friendly, reliable, supportive welcoming environment
  3. Recreational and group training riders
  4. Involving women at all levels of the club – leadership, coaching and committees.

Read the full Cycling Victoria Toolkit - Attracting and Retaining Women and Girls here.