VICS Off-Road

VICS Off-Road

VICS Off-Road

The 2020 VICS Off-Road Series has been rescheduled for 2021 due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. 

Cycling Victoria introduces a new format of school's racing this winter. VICS Off-Road is designed to provide a calendar of events offering opportunities for school-aged children to engage in cycling around the state of Victoria in a safe, fun and new environment. 

VICS Off-Road is targeted towards 8-18 year-olds and offers fast, close-styles competition which is short in time, with an added benefit for spectators, family and friends to view a majority of the course from any point. While there are specific cyclo-cross bikes, most forms of bicycles are capable of allowing entrants to participate. 

VICS Off-Road is not a series as VICS has been in previous editions. Each day will be an individual event and no points or overall series winners will be awarded.

Date Location Host
Saturday 16th May Federation University Mount Helen Campus Ballarat Sebastopol Cycling Club
Saturday 20th June Creswick Voga Cycling Club
Saturday 4th July Caribbean Park (Melbourne) Melbourne Cycling League
Saturday 18th July Blackburn (Melbourne) Blackburn Cycling Club

The UCI Cycling Regulations, Australia Cyclo-Cross Technical Regulations as well as the Cycling Victoria VICS Guidelines must be adhered to.


Grades are mixed gender and are created from time trial results.

Previous time trial results at other VICS Off-Road events will not be taken into account for grading at any other VICS Off-Road event.*
Example. William was placed into A grade at the first VICS Off-Road event he competed in based on his time trial result. At his second VICS Off-Road event, he was placed into B grade based on his time trial result. William will compete in B grade at this event and this may change at any future VICS Off-Road events in the future based upon future time trial results.

*Previous results may be utilised in the event a rider has a mechanical problem in their time trial and is able to fix their equipment ahead of graded races commencing. This is at the discretion of the Chief Commissaire.


The first event of the day is a one-lap individual time trial which seeds all entrants into the following grades:


Entrants will start in order of entry provided by EntryBoss at 15-second intervals. Start lists will be uploaded online the day before the event.

Following grading all entrants from the individual time trial; group races will be conducted.

Group Events















Example of start and event process:

C grade will start first and E grade will be marshalled off course as C grade begins. 5 minutes after C grade starts, E grade will be started by the Chief Commissaire.

All riders will finish based upon the lead rider of the highest grade.

Minor alterations on race time may be required based on entries and on day unforeseen circumstances.  These changes must be approved by the Chief Commissaire and Cycling Victoria representative.


Bicycles designed for off-road use including Mountain bikes, Cyclocross bikes and BMX bicycles may be used. *Please note BMX styled bicycles are not ideal for this type of event but are accepted

Off-road designed tyres are recommended to increase traction

All bicycles must have two efficient and independent hand brakes or one hand brake accompanied with a foot brake.

Handlebars must be plugged.

Free (single ratchet/coaster) or variable geared bicycles may be used. Fixed sprockets (fixed wheel/no ability to coast) are forbidden from the competition.

More Information

2020 VICS Off-Road Regulations.