Towards Zero Virtual Victorian Junior Road Series

Towards Zero Virtual Victorian Junior Road Series

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2020 Virtual Victorian Junior Road Series

This will be a six race series that precisely replicates the real roads used in previous VJRS events. Races for U15 and U17 will be full length races, expected to be up to two hours long. U11 and U13 events will be shorter in length. 

The series will begin at 9am on Sunday with a test event followed by weekly races at 9am on Saturday and Sunday mornings, with points being awarded for each event in the series except the test event. After the final stage of the VJRS (Virtual) the person with the highest overall points for their grade will be declared the VJRS (Virtual) Champion. Points for the series will be awarded to the results on the line: 25, 20, 16, 12, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 2, 2, 1 etc.

The series will utilise the RGT Race Simulator. RGT is a free simulator and was the platform Cycling Australia used for the National Junior Road Series events. There are a number of resources available that describe how to get set-up on the platform such as this video from Peel District CC

Once the RGT is set up it provides a great, stable virtual racing platform with an excellent real-world experience. 

All events are free however, riders wishing to participate in a VJRS (Virtual) event will need either an International UCI road licence (J11, J13, J15 or J17) or a 2020 Cycling Australia RACE membership (J11, J13, J15 or J17).

All late entry requests and general entry inquiries must be sent to

These races are coordinated and arranged by Carnegie Caulfield Cycling Club, technical

questions can be sent to



Results Round 1 (pdf)
Results Round 2 (pdf)
Results Round 3 (pdf)
Results Round 4 (pdf)
Results Round 5 (pdf)
Results Round 6 (pdf)
Final Series Standings after Round 6 (pdf)

Tips for the best RGT experience:

  1. Best results are achieved when the device you run the screen app on is plugged into the internet (Wi-Fi is less stable than direct connection, so if you’re running Wi-Fi it ‘may’ drop out)

  2.  Don’t run your mobile device (with connection app) on Wi-Fi. It is best to run this direct from 4G (or alternately from hot spotting your computer with the screen app) as this minimises the interference that naturally occurs with Wi-Fi.

  3. Test the set-up with a warm-up prior to racing, ensuring bluetooth connection with your smart trainer, heart rate and cadence device

  4. Be set-up 15 minutes before race time

  5.  If your screen is taking more than 2 minutes to load, turn off screen app and try again

  6.  If your connection app fails to load properly, turn off the app and start it again in your mobile device

  7. Ensure mobile device is fully charged, as low battery notifications will pause your race


Series Schedule