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Let's help you select the right membership

Welcome to the Cycling Australia cycling wizard! Answer these questions as honestly as you can so we can provide you with the best service possible.

At the completion of the wizard, we'll outline the sort of rider you are and recommend the best possible membership type for you! You can then share your result on the socials, email it to yourself or challenge a friend to find out what sort of rider they are!

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What's your interest in racing?

If you're a keen racer, we'll introduce you to a club that suits your needs. We'll also keep you up to date with race information, training programs, and other tips to help you make the most of your racing dollar!

Note, a ‘race’ for the purpose of this quiz, is a Cycling Australia sanctioned event that is competitive, held at local clubs, and the focus of which is to cross the line first!

If you have participated in challenge/fun/fondo events, do not count this event category in this tally- save that for the Step 4 question!

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How much do you want to ride with new people?

Our club system is the best way to meet new people to ride with. Many of our clubs have wide variety of social and training rides for every standard. We reckon the best way to get you riding more often is via a club. Don't be late, we leave on time!

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How many challenge events/fondos do you ride each year?

The words 'Gran Fondo' translate to 'Big Ride'. They are the fun run of cycling. While you might pin on a number and go flat out, these events very much welcome everyone who just wants to enjoy the ride and not ride in the red zone!

Challenge events, mass participation rides and AUDAX events all sit in this category.

If this sounds like you- let us know your history in this area as we're keen to help you find more fondo-like events and provide the training and diet tips to go along with it!

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Your Challenge/Fondo/Fun ride intentions..!

The previous question asked about your challenge/fondo history, and now we'd like to know your intentions. If we know you're keen to do more of these fun events, we'll help supply you with training, diet and event tips as well as ensure you get the early bird heads up on events that suit your riding.

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How often do you commute by bike each week?

We're not just for racers! A lot of our members commute on a regular basis and knowing this helps us to ensure you have the right insurance package for your needs. If you commute we'll also offer tips (for you and your employer!), route ideas and advocate on your behalf to make your commute faster, safer and more fun!

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How important is riding to your fitness?

Some ride for fun, some ride to commute, some train to race, but a lot of us ride for fitness as the main reason.